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At Trade Door Handles we can offer the full range of ironmongery products by M. Marcus

Founded in 1940 at ‘Ironmongers Row’ in East London, M Marcus Ltd has a long history of creating durable and high-quality solid brass products. From conception to the current day, they continue to expand the range with new shapes, designs and finishes to provide customers with ultimate choice and flexibility.

M.Marcus provides five ironmongery ranges Heritage Brass, Sorrento, Tudor collection, Solid Bronze Rustic and Black Iron Rustic all are built to a high standard.

The Heritage Brass range is a solid brass collection that boasts more than sixty door handle designs in both traditional and modern styles. All products are available in a wide choice of finishes. With Heritage Brass, it is possible to create a coordinated theme throughout the entire home, from the front door to cabinet hardware to window fittings.

Sorrento by M. Marcus is a fresh and fashionable, Italian designed urban looking door handle range offering superb value for money.

The Tudor Range by M. Marcus is a collection of durable malleable door hardware products. The black powder-coated finish on traditional designs provides an ideal appearance for adding a touch of rustic charm to your restoration projects.

The Solid Bronze Rustic range is made using molten Bronze flowing into cavities within a sand mould. The casting process leaves light surface indentations to bestow a rustic appearance, which contrasts in texture to other smooth finished products. A light bronze patina is applied by hand on the cast bronze creating a country-style appearance. Over a period of time, the bronze colour will lighten along any edges and surfaces that are frequently touched creating a naturally aged appearance as the bronze is slowly exposed. When untouched, the finish may darken as the bronze oxidised. As this is a living finish, products will not be identical, there will be slight variation in hue and tone.

Black Iron Rustic range is made using traditional sand-casting methods to create a contemporary design, this range if malleable iron hardware is unique, combining rustic charm with current trends.

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