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Heritage Brass is the flagship brand of M. Marcus, the Solid Brass Collection boast more than sixty lever designs in both traditional and modern styles. All products are available in a wide choice of finishes. With Heritage Brass, it is possible to create a coordinated theme throughout the entire home, from the front door to cabinet hardware to window fittings.

M.Marcus started selling products under the brand name Heritage Brass in the 1980s, During the 1980s they altered the manufacturing processes from traditional “Sand Casting”, to the more accurate “Pressure Casting” and during the 1990s to “Hot forging”, which is now the preferred method of production to maintain consistency in design and quality.

When used externally, different environmental conditions (e.g. salt spray, humidity or pollution), could adversely affect the durability of the lacquer, however experience shows that the lacquer coating may last from one year to a number of years, depending on the location.

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