Frelan Hardware Door Handles and Knobs

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Frelan Hardware offers a large selection of Door Handles, Mortice Knobs, Rim Knobs and Pull Handles in various lengths in traditional and modern designs.

Frelan Hardware has a large range of Door Handles on Backplates that are usually available in either Standard Key profile, Bathroom Turn designs and Passage Latch Plate furniture. Some door handle designs are available in Long and Short plate versions.

Frelan Hardware Door Handles on Round or Square roses have become very popular over recent years available in traditional and modern designs, using the same handle throughout the house and just adding either bathroom turn or escutcheons below if required. On levers where both woodscrews and bolts are supplied, we would not recommend fixing with just the woodscrews as the handles will not be secured sufficiently on the door. Always use the bolt through fixings when supplied to securely clamp the handles to the door and only use the woodscrews as an additional means to limit any tendency of the inner roses to rotate once fitted.

Frelan Hardware Mortice Knobs are available in various designs and finishes. You will find some mortice knobs will be UnSprung and others will be Half Sprung, you will never find a spring on both knobs as it would be very difficult to turn under the combination of both springs in the knobs and latch.

Frelan Hardware Rim Knobs are available in various styles and finishes, all Rim Knob sets are UnSprung and require a Rim Lock.

Frelan Hardware Pull Handles are available in various styles and finishes in either traditional or modern designs. Pull handles either come face fixed or bolt fixed, if they are a bolt fix design you will need a finger plate on the other side of the door to cover the fixings.

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