Atlantic – Bolt Through Tubular Latches

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Antique Brass2.5" £3.19 ex vatAT-AL25AB
Black Nickel2.5" £3.19 ex vatAT-AL25BN
Distressed Silver2.5" £3.19 ex vatAT-AL25DS
Matt Antique Brass2.5" £3.19 ex vatAT-AL25MAB
Matt Black2.5" £3.19 ex vatAT-AL25MB
Matt Gun Metal2.5" £3.19 ex vatAT-AL25MBN
Polished Brass2.5" £1.90 ex vatAT-AL25PB
Polished Chrome2.5" £1.29 ex vatAT-AL25PC
Polished Nickel2.5" £2.30 ex vatAT-AL25PN
Satin Chrome2.5" £1.29 ex vatAT-AL25SC
Satin Nickel2.5" £1.29 ex vatAT-AL25SN
Antique Brass3" £3.19 ex vatAT-AL3AB
Black Nickel3" £3.19 ex vatAT-AL3BN
Polished Brass3" £3.19 ex vatAT-AL3BP
Distressed Silver3" £4.41 ex vatAT-AL3DS
Matt Antique Brass3" £4.41 ex vatAT-AL3MAB
Matt Black3" £4.41 ex vatAT-AL3MB
Matt Gun Metal3" £4.41 ex vatAT-AL3MBN
Polished Chrome3" £2.90 ex vatAT-AL3PC
Polished Nickel3" £2.90 ex vatAT-AL3PN
Satin Chrome3" £2.90 ex vatAT-AL3SC
Satin Nickel3" £2.90 ex vatAT-AL3SN
3" £3.70 ex vatAT-AL3SNBP
Antique Brass4" £4.90 ex vatAT-AL4AB
Black Nickel4" £5.80 ex vatAT-AL4BN
Polished Brass4" £4.90 ex vatAT-AL4BP
Distressed Silver4" £5.80 ex vatAT-AL4DS
Matt Antique Brass4" £5.80 ex vatAT-AL4MAB
Matt Black4" £5.80 ex vatAT-AL4MB
Matt Gun Metal4" £5.80 ex vatAT-AL4MBN
Polished Chrome4" £4.90 ex vatAT-AL4PC
Polished Nickel4" £4.90 ex vatAT-AL4PN
Satin Chrome4" £4.90 ex vatAT-AL4SC
Satin Nickel4" £4.90 ex vatAT-AL4SN


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