Burlington – Round Rose for Handles on Round Rose & Turn & Release

£7.74£8.69 ex vat

Unit of Sale: Each

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All Variations

ImageFinishOptionPriceSKUQuantityAdd to Cart
Antique BrassPlain Outer Rose £8.69 ex vatFH-BUR50AB
Dark BronzePlain Outer Rose £8.69 ex vatFH-BUR50DB
Polished NickelPlain Outer Rose £7.74 ex vatFH-BUR50PN
Satin BrassPlain Outer Rose £7.74 ex vatFH-BUR50SB
Satin NickelPlain Outer Rose £7.74 ex vatFH-BUR50SN
Antique BrassChamfered Outer Rose £8.69 ex vatFH-BUR51AB
Dark BronzeChamfered Outer Rose £8.69 ex vatFH-BUR51DB
Polished NickelChamfered Outer Rose £7.74 ex vatFH-BUR51PN
Satin BrassChamfered Outer Rose £7.74 ex vatFH-BUR51SB
Satin NickelChamfered Outer Rose £7.74 ex vatFH-BUR51SN
Antique BrassStepped Outer Rose £8.69 ex vatFH-BUR52AB
Dark BronzeStepped Outer Rose £8.69 ex vatFH-BUR52DB
Polished NickelStepped Outer Rose £7.74 ex vatFH-BUR52PN
Satin BrassStepped Outer Rose £7.74 ex vatFH-BUR52SB
Satin NickelStepped Outer Rose £7.74 ex vatFH-BUR52SN
Antique BrassReeded Outer Rose £8.69 ex vatFH-BUR53AB
Dark BronzeReeded Outer Rose £8.69 ex vatFH-BUR53DB
Polished NickelReeded Outer Rose £7.74 ex vatFH-BUR53PN
Satin BrassReeded Outer Rose £7.74 ex vatFH-BUR53SB
Satin NickelReeded Outer Rose £7.74 ex vatFH-BUR53SN

Product Description

Frelan Hardware introduces the luxury Burlington range. Designed and crafted in solid brass this high-quality furniture, with both modern and classic styles, will complement the interior of any prestigious development be it commercial or domestic.

With a choice of five high quality finishes and four styles of handles the possibilities are endless, with the option to select and combine different but complementary items creating a distinctive appearance to enhance any interior.


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