Carlisle Brass – Plain Letter Plates

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Polished Brass254 x 76mm £13.28 ex vatCB-M36A
Polished Brass276 x 94mm £19.84 ex vatCB-M36B
Polished Chrome276 x 94mm £20.56 ex vatCB-M36BCP
Satin Chrome276 x 94mm £20.56 ex vatCB-M36BSC
Polished Brass305 x 103mm £26.48 ex vatCB-M36D
Polished Chrome305 x 103mm £28.32 ex vatCB-M36DCP
Stainless Brass305 x 103mm £43.76 ex vatCB-M36DPVD
Satin Chrome305 x 103mm £28.32 ex vatCB-M36DSC
Polished Brass359 x 113mm £53.12 ex vatCB-M36E
Polished Chrome359 x 113mm £54.96 ex vatCB-M36ECP
Satin Chrome359 x 113mm £54.96 ex vatCB-M36ESC
Polished Brass402 x 124mm £68.24 ex vatCB-M36F
Polished Chrome402 x 124mm £70.16 ex vatCB-M36FCP
Satin Chrome402 x 124mm £70.16 ex vatCB-M36FSC
Polished Brass282 x 80mm £25.68 ex vatCB-M36H
Polished Chrome282 x 80mm £27.68 ex vatCB-M36HCP
Stainless Brass282 x 80mm £35.20 ex vatCB-M36HPVD
Satin Chrome282 x 80mm £27.68 ex vatCB-M36HSC
Polished Brass257 x 80mm £16.88 ex vatCB-M36S
Polished Chrome257 x 80mm £18.88 ex vatCB-M36SCP
Florentine Bronze257 x 80mm £22.48 ex vatCB-M36SFB
Stainless Brass257 x 80mm £20.64 ex vatCB-M36SPVD
Satin Chrome257 x 80mm £18.88 ex vatCB-M36SSC

Product Description

Established in 1986, Carlisle Brass is a long-standing designer, manufacturer, and distributor of architectural ironmongery. Carlisle Brass manufacture an extensive product range including door handles, doorknobs, locks, and latches and more.


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