Frelan – T Bar Cabinet Handle’s – Grade 202

£1.98£10.10 ex vat

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Satin Stainless Steel96mm c/c £1.98 ex vatFH-JSS110A
Satin Stainless Steel128mm c/c £2.19 ex vatFH-JSS110B
Satin Stainless Steel160mm c/c £2.61 ex vatFH-JSS110C
Satin Stainless Steel184mm c/c £2.86 ex vatFH-JSS110D
Satin Stainless Steel234mm c/c £3.09 ex vatFH-JSS110E
Satin Stainless Steel284mm c/c £3.71 ex vatFH-JSS112A
Satin Stainless Steel334mm c/c £4.08 ex vatFH-JSS112B
Satin Stainless Steel384mm c/c £4.62 ex vatFH-JSS112C
Satin Stainless Steel434mm c/c £5.01 ex vatFH-JSS112D
Satin Stainless Steel484mm c/c £5.44 ex vatFH-JSS112E
Satin Stainless Steel520mm c/c £5.89 ex vatFH-JSS114A
Satin Stainless Steel595mm c/c £6.62 ex vatFH-JSS114B
Satin Stainless Steel646mm c/c £7.52 ex vatFH-JSS114C
Satin Stainless Steel775mm c/c £8.67 ex vatFH-JSS114D
Satin Stainless Steel860mm c/c £9.17 ex vatFH-JSS114E
Polished Stainless Steel96mm c/c £2.19 ex vatFH-JPS110A
Polished Stainless Steel128mm c/c £2.43 ex vatFH-JPS110B
Polished Stainless Steel160mm c/c £2.86 ex vatFH-JPS110C
Polished Stainless Steel184mm c/c £3.15 ex vatFH-JPS110D
Polished Stainless Steel234mm c/c £3.41 ex vatFH-JPS110E
Polished Stainless Steel284mm c/c £4.11 ex vatFH-JPS112A
Polished Stainless Steel334mm c/c £4.50 ex vatFH-JPS112B
Polished Stainless Steel384mm c/c £5.10 ex vatFH-JPS112C
Polished Stainless Steel434mm c/c £5.52 ex vatFH-JPS112D
Polished Stainless Steel484mm c/c £5.95 ex vatFH-JPS112E
Polished Stainless Steel520mm c/c £6.48 ex vatFH-JPS114A
Polished Stainless Steel595mm c/c £7.30 ex vatFH-JPS114B
Polished Stainless Steel646mm c/c £8.27 ex vatFH-JPS114C
Polished Stainless Steel775mm c/c £9.50 ex vatFH-JPS114D
Polished Stainless Steel860mm c/c £10.10 ex vatFH-JPS114E

Product Description

Frelan hardware began over 40 years ago and has over the years established itself as one of the leading suppliers of ironmongery to the trade and DIY markets.  With a large range of products offering a wide choice of styles and finishes to suit our customer’s requirements for use in both the domestic and commercial sectors.

Offering contemporary and classic designs in our range of door and window furniture manufactured in factories from around the world we have brought together a collection of products manufactured from materials such as zinc, brass, aluminum, glass and even incorporating Swarovski crystal elements.


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