FTD – Bar Cabinet Pull Handle

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FTD - Bar Handle 128mm - Satin Nickel/Stainless Steel - FTD4750BSNSSSatin Nickel/Stainless Steel128mm c/c £2.97 ex vatCB-FTD4750BSNSS
FTD - Bar Handle 160mm - Satin Nickel/Stainless Steel - FTD4750CSNSSSatin Nickel/Stainless Steel160mm c/c £3.06 ex vatCB-FTD4750CSNSS
FTD - Bar Handle 192mm - Satin Nickel/Stainless Steel - FTD4750DSNSSSatin Nickel/Stainless Steel192mm c/c £3.15 ex vatCB-FTD4750DSNSS
FTD - Bar Handle 256mm - Satin Nickel/Stainless Steel - FTD4750ESNSSSatin Nickel/Stainless Steel256mm c/c £3.33 ex vatCB-FTD4750ESNSS
FTD - Bar Handle 320mm - Satin Nickel/Stainless Steel - FTD4750FSNSSSatin Nickel/Stainless Steel320mm c/c £3.60 ex vatCB-FTD4750FSNSS
FTD - Bar Handle 448mm - Satin Nickel/Stainless Steel - FTD4750GSNSSSatin Nickel/Stainless Steel448mm c/c £4.23 ex vatCB-FTD4750GSNSS
FTD - Bar Handle 608mm - Satin Nickel/Stainless Steel - FTD4750NSNSSSatin Nickel/Stainless Steel608mm c/c £7.20 ex vatCB-FTD4750NSNSS
FTD - Bar Handle 864mm - Satin Nickel/Stainless Steel - FTD4750SSNSSSatin Nickel/Stainless Steel864mm c/c £9.00 ex vatCB-FTD4750SSNSS

Product Description

FTD – Bar Cabinet Pull Handle

A substantial round bar sitting on square end plinths which have rounded tops to blend with the contours of the handle. The design benefits from the contrast in the split finish, nicely offsetting the components. Available in different sizes.


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