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Reisser – Cutter Woodscrews Countersunk Yellow (Tub)

£25.65 ex vat

Reisser CUTTER Woodscrews represent the latest generation of technological excellence. They are uniquely designed to give ultimate performance and a perfect finish in all wood applications. The two patented slots (25mm and above) allow the screw to work closer to the edge without splitting, and the ribs and tucks under the head enable the screw to sit flush and tight without surface damage. The 20º needle point gives the ability to penetrate almost all timbers without a pilot hole and the sharp, wide deep thread with unique Reisser lubrication gives up to 40% less driving resistance and easy penetration. The Yellow Tropicalized coating gives superior corrosion resistance (compared to a standard BZP coating) and the deep reinforced countersunk head recess allows the best possible fit to the driver bit, reducing “cam out” and providing extra strength at the critical junction between shank and head. Presented in eye-catching, informative packaging the CUTTER leads the way in premium High Performance Woodscrews.

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All Variations

ImageSizePriceSKUQuantityAdd to Cart
3.5 X 25mm (2000 SCREWS) £25.65 ex vatReisser-82213525PB
4 X 40mm (1200 SCREWS) £25.65 ex vatReisser-8221440PB
4 X 50mm (900 SCREWS) £25.65 ex vatReisser-8221450PB
5 X 100mm (250 SCREWS) £25.65 ex vatReisser-822150100PB
5 X 50mm (600 SCREWS) £25.65 ex vatReisser-8221550PB
5 X 60mm (500 SCREWS) £25.65 ex vatReisser-8221560PB
5 X 70mm (450 SCREWS) £25.65 ex vatReisser-8221570PB
5 X 80mm (400 SCREWS) £25.65 ex vatReisser-8221580PB


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